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”Be A Star” by BB Style is a brand created to inspire women of all ages. Beate van Baal, the CEO of BB Style is a singer/entertainer and fashion lover. She is creative, a trendsetter and has always inspired the people and friends around her with her creative ideas, may it be in fashion, home decorating or on stage with her music. To reach more people and share her inspirations and ideas, she started the brand ”Be a Star’ by BB Style. ”Every woman can be a star, it’s in the way you carry yourself or how you dress, decorate your home, how you feel and how to express yourself through your own creativity”. ”I would like to inspire women to find their own style and be creative with it”.

My Story

How I Got Started

I was born in The Netherlands and I’ve spent my entire youth living in various exotic countries. I grew up in countries such as; Bangladesh, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Nigeria, Canary Islands and the USA /Oklahoma , North Carolina and California(L.A.), where I attended high school and university.

Upon my return to Europe, I decided to follow my passion for singing, I attended a Music Academy in Antwerp, Belgium where I lived at the time and turned it into a profession. I was a member of various bands, recorded albums and during my studies I worked as a fashion model. When I moved back to my country, The Netherlands and lived in Amsterdam, I worked as a model and an actress where I had small parts in TV series and also starred in a few TV commercials. I also found my passion in working as a voice over artist for commercials and cartoons. During the last few years, I have lived in small town near Düsseldorf in Germany. Currently I sing at diverse places including weddings, corporate parties, events, clubs and private parties with my all female band or as a solo artist. I’m a true entrepreneur who always sees possibilities and opportunities in everything that interests me, from music to fashion and jewellery to home interior. My creativity has led me to many wonderful adventures and you can see the results right here on BB Style.

"Confidence makes us beautiful and it comes from accepting yourself."

Diane van Furstenberg


Beate van Baal

"Don´t adopt the energy in the room. Influence the energy in the room!"


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